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Berryboot Changelog

Changelog 2021-07-01

  • Bump kernel branch to 5.10
  • Misc USB drive fixes

Changelog 2020-11-03

  • Now supports Pi 400
  • Update to 5.4.x kernel branch
  • Update (wifi) firmware

Changelog 2019-06-12

  • Update to 4.19.x kernel branch
  • Single multiplatform kernel for ARMv6/ARMv7 supporting Pi0/Pi1/Pi2/Pi3
  • Select USB disks by UUID

Changelog 2018-11-28

  • Add GPT partition table support for hard drives >2TB

Changelog 2018-07-29

  • Misc iSCSI improvements

Changelog 2018-07-15

  • Pi 3+ kernel: update against hangs on heavy network traffic
  • Pi kernel: experimental fix against “data abort” hangs on boot

Changelog 2018-04-05

  • Offer option to compress exported images
  • Pi ARMv7 kernel: disable dynamic debug by default

Changelog 2018-03-29

  • Pi 3+: on first use: warn if Ethernet flow control is disabled
  • iSCSI: load all drivers (in case non-standard USB network card is used)

Changelog 2018-03-22

  • Add support for wifi country selection on first use.
  • Pi 1: fixes console output
  • Pi 3+: workaround for set_wol bug by bringing up eth0 before distribution is started
  • Pi: force loading of i2c_dev module if i2c is enabled (workaround for distributions that expect it to be built into the kernel)

Changelog 2018-03-14

  • Pi: add Pi 3+ support

Changelog 2018-02-16

  • Pi: Switch to Linux kernel 4.14.x branch

Changelog 2017-05-10

  • Pi: Switch to Linux kernel 4.9.x branch

Changelog 2017-03-08

  • Add support for the Pi Zero W

Changelog 2016-11-18

  • Add support for https download mirrors

Changelog 2015-09-16

  • Pi 2: add support for official Pi touchscreen display
  • Fix support for legacy wext wifi kernel modules
  • Outsource kernel module loading to udev
  • Always load kernel modules on Berryboot start

Changelog 2015-08-08

  • Update squashfs-tools (used for backups)
  • Pi 2: Update kernel to 4.1
  • Pi: Update firmware
  • Pi: Disable CMA (broken in later firmware)

Changelog 2014-08-14

  • Add support for unlocking encrypted storage through SSH. Add ssh_authorized_key=<your SSH public key> to cmdline.txt to enable SSH
  • GUI: disable buttons after user deleted all images
  • Pi: add support for 256 MB memsplit
  • Pi: use “ondemand” governor instead of “performance”
  • Pi: fix mmc activity LED (build led support into the kernel instead of as module)

Changelog 2014-08-26

  • Support for downloading images from a local CIFS (Windows networking) share
  • Add shut down button to main window
  • Pi: fix wifi on older Pi model with 256 MB RAM (enlarge tmpfs if too small to extract drivers)
  • Pi: Enable RTL8188EU driver + IPv6 privacy extensions in kernel config

Changelog 2014-06-26

  • Add OS Window: now allows OSes to be placed in different groups, e.g. one tab “Popular” and a tab “Others”.
  • Pi: updated firmware
  • Pi: updated kernel to 3.12.y branch

Changelog 2013-09-08

  • Pi: updated firmware.
  • Pi: now use SLUB instead of SLAB as memory allocator.

Changelog 2013-08-11

  • Pi: allow selecting preferred audio channel (HDMI audio or headphones) during initial Berryboot installation.

Changelog 2013-05-28

  • iSCSI window: add “network configuration” button for static network configuration.
  • iSCSI: disallow changing network configuration through the GUI after initial setup. (doesn't deal well with the iSCSI connection getting lost).
  • Added keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+E config editor, CTRL+X console
  • Pi: updated to latest firmware
  • Pi: enabled NTFS RW, various DVB modules to match bcmrpi_defconfig
  • Added recovery button, moved clone button to second row. Made various minor text edits to make buttons fit

Changelog 2013-03-11

  • Bugfix: fix wifi firmware loading.
  • Pi: firmware fix for newer Pi with Hynix memory.
  • Pi: enabled Android kernel options.
  • Pi: added pan/page-flipping support to kernel.
    (Note: if you intend to create a custom Android build: change gralloc/framebuffer.cpp to use FBIOPAN_DISPLAY
    instead of FB_ACTIVATE_VBL / FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO in order to use it)

Changelog 2013-02-25

  • Bugfix: fix “waiting for data device” delay on boot
  • New installations: wipe out first couple sectors and end of disk to get rid of GPT partition tables
  • New installations: verify that modified cmdline.txt was written to SD card correctly, as basic check to see if SD card is not defective.
  • Now supports wireless headless VNC installations.
  • New Berryboot console utility: 'chroot_image <name of OS image>' to access files inside operating system's file system.
  • Now offers to perform a file system check if mounting data partition fails.
  • A10: no longer loads Mali 3D drivers by default.

Changelog 2013-02-13

  • Basic support for static network configurations.
    - currently the option is hidden under “add OS” → “network settings”. Might move it to another location in a future release.
    - support is limited to normal wired Ethernet connections.
    - if you would like to do a headless installation append to cmdline.txt (on the same line as the other options):
    vncinstall ipv4= (IP/netmask/gateway)
  • Fix for running out of memory while downloading large images with a fast Internet connection but slow SD card.
    - downloading is now done using libcurl instead of the standard Qt classes.
  • Support for downloading the OS image from another mirror server if the initial download attempt fails.

Changelog 2012-12-29

  • Uses the new Linux 3.6.11 kernel and firmware. Be aware that software that depends on the Pi's graphics acceleration libraries such as OpenELEC needs to be reinstalled.
  • Support for LUKS full disk encryption
  • Fixes keyboard map handling inside Berryboot. If you are using a keyboard with a non-US layout and had problems entering your wifi WPA password in the past, you might want to give it another go.
  • “Backup” button that allows you to connect an USB SD card reader to your Pi, and copy all your data to a fresh SD card. Should work with both larger and smaller cards as long as all data fits.
  • “Repair file system” button to perform a fsck.
  • Now installs both a Raspberry and A10 (Cubieboard and various Android devices) kernel by default, so you can share the same SD card between devices
  • CMA (dynamic memory splits) is now enabled by default for new installations
  • kernel_berryboot.img is now split into a separate kernel (kernel_rpi_aufs.img) and initramfs (berryboot.img) file.

Changelog 2012-11-17

  • Replaced the text boot menu with a basic GUI one. Now it is possible to select the operating system you wish to boot with your keyboard, mouse or with the arrows on your TV remote control (HDMI CEC).
  • Added support for password protecting the operating system installer, so that admins can prevent that end-users uninstall operating systems or mess with the other settings.
  • Proxy server settings now persist across reboots.
  • You can now enter a custom boot menu timeout duration. Click the “advanced configuration” button, go to the “cmdline.txt” tab and add “bootmenutimeout=<number of seconds>” or use “nobootmenutimeout” to not boot the default OS automatically.
  • For headless installations you can now also use a VNC client to select the operating system you wish to boot. Add the option “vncinstall” to cmdline.txt to enable.

Changelog 2012-11-26

  • Support for 512 MB devices
  • Kernel now based on the full defconfig kernel configuration instead of cutdown flavor (more modules available by default, but potentially larger and slower)

Changelog 2012-09-04

  • New window to edit config.txt and cmdline.txt. Can be used to easily insert your mpeg2 license keys, or play with overclock and other settings. Use at your own risk.
  • Fixed /dev/pts mount issue
  • Logitech DJ wireless keyboard support added
  • Got rid of my own alternative rtl8192cu-alt.ko module in favor of the one that is now upstream.

Changelog 2012-08-25

  • Updated Linux kernel to v3.2.27
  • For new installations: now supports wifi
    If you want to use wifi, simply choose “wifi” under the heading “network connection” in the welcome screen, select your network out of the list and enter your WPA key.

Be aware that the Wifi settings you enter are only used by Berryboot for downloading images. You will have to configure the network settings inside the individual Linux distributions separately.

  • Now includes the mceusb media center remote module by default.
  • Now includes the newer alternative RTL8188CUS module by Realtek instead of the one that comes with the main kernel (untested, as I do not have a device which uses this module)

Changelog v1.2 (2012-08-13)

  • Experimental support for “exporting” images to USB stick. With or without your modifications. Be aware that if you choose to include your modifications, the exported image will not be compressed and will be a lot larger than the original, so make sure your USB stick has sufficient space.
  • Support for 240 MB memsplit
  • Newer firmware and kernel. Also includes the Bluetooth kernel modules
  • The following options can now be added to cmdline.txt on the FAT partition:
    - “nobootmenutimeout” - always present boot menu, do not start the default.
    - “vncinstall” - for headless installations. Find out the IP of your Pi (e.g. through the webinterface of your router) and connect to it with a VNC client to perform installation without monitor attached.
  • Icon image format changed to JPG
  • Experimental support for storing your data on an iSCSI SAN device. (May not work with some operating systems that reset the network connection during boot.)

Changelog v1.1 (2012-07-31)

  • Windows now fit on the screen of a standard (analog video) TV
  • Support for Cherry and various other non-standard complaint keyboards fixed.
  • support for booting from partitionless FAT SD cards added.

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